Upgrade Your Fitness – Project You 2.0 Kit

Embark on your ultimate fitness journey with our complete kit, designed for every phase of your workout.

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Project You 2.0 Complete Performance Kit


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Our biggest sale ever on this trio. This bundle supports your Project You 2.0 transformation at every step. AMP-Nox energizes, AminoEV sustains, and Embrax recovers. Perfect for any fitness style, it's an essential for your journey to a better, stronger you.

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Let's Hear What Our Customers Have To Say


Exceeded Expectations

I have tried other pre-workout formulas and hated the jittery feeling that came with them. Amp-Nox gives you a great pump without the overstimulation and excess jitteriness of other pre-workouts. The Gummy Bear flavor is excellent. Would highly recommend!

- Samuel W. 

(Amino EVolution)

Smashing flavor

It’s so nice to have a product that not only taste amazing 😻 but it works so well with what I do. Being able to run miles with smiles. Helps having a product keep you hydrated WITH electrolytes in it and not having to buy 2 different supplements.

- Bobby W.


Best thermo on the market!

By far, this is the best thermo I have ever taken. Gives you that sweat that you're looking for without the side effects of tingly lips, feeling light-headed, and no stomach upset. 10/10 would recommend!

-  Jeren D


AMP-Nox is your secret weapon for an energetic start. It's not just about the boost – it sharpens your focus for peak performance, making every minute of your workout count. Ideal for busy mornings or when you need that extra kick to tackle your fitness goals. It's a clean, sustained energy source that prepares you to conquer your limits with each workout session.

Amino EVolution

AminoEV isn’t just a supplement; it's your workout ally. Designed to fuel your muscles when it matters most, it helps you maintain energy and endurance. Beyond that, it aids rapid recovery, so you're ready to go again sooner. AminoEV supports your ambition with every set and rep, making it a cornerstone of your fitness regimen, perfect for those who want to push harder and recover faster.


Embrax is your post-workout hero, helping you recover faster and feel ready for what's next. It soothes your muscles after a workout and gets you back in action quicker. Plus, it works behind the scenes to support a leaner physique. For those who see fitness as a full journey, Embrax is an essential companion.

Ready to unleash your full potential with Project You 2.0? 

This is your moment. Transform your fitness journey with our specially curated trio. Don't wait to make that change – seize this opportunity now for your best self. Buy It Now and start your path to transformation with the Project You 2.0 Complete Performance Kit. Your future self will thank you!

California Prop 65 Warning: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.